As our skin ages and loses elasticity, our eyebrows can begin to sag and descend. When our eyebrows fall, our eyes can appear closed, tired and older. A botox brow lift also known as a chemical brow lift, is an easy and effective alternative to a traditional brow lift surgery that can help you achieve bright and engaging eyes. Younger clients also benefit from this treatment for the purpose of feminisation. In general, with masculine faces, we are aiming for a low set and straight brow. With female faces on the other hand, we are aiming for more arch of the brow and a higher brow in relation to the eye. This is where a chemical brow lift can help.

How Does It Work?

Botulinum toxin works by relaxing certain muscles on the face. With a chemical brow lift, we are targeting a muscle that circles the eye called orbicularis oculi. By relaxing a specific portion of the muscle – the upper lateral part, the brow will lift at this point due to other muscles of the forehead pulling upward. The effect is quite subtle- the brow will left approximately 1-2mm at most, however this can have a great impact on the overall appearance of your eyes. The treatment works best when combined with forehead botox. The treatment is very quick and easy, and virtually painless.


Yes you can, however, due to natural anatomy, when you treat horizontal forehead lines, this will reduce the effect of any brow lift. This is because the brow lift relies on the frontalis muscle pulling upwards. This muscle is relaxed when treating the horizontal forehead lines, therefore, they will not pull up as much. You will get the best effect of a brow lift in combination with frown line anti-wrinkle and crow’s feet anti-wrinkle treatment only.
The effect is quite subtle, you will only get a lift of approximately 1-2mm however this can have a great impact on the overall appearance of your eyes. However you will not achieve a big lift such as in brow lift surgery.


Brow Lift £100

Brow lift as an add-on to anti-wrinkle 2 or 3 areas £50