The chin and jaw are an important aspect of the facial structure. We augment these areas differently for men and women to either feminise or masculinise the face.

To create a masculine appearance, we aim for jaws and chin to be wide, square, and sharp, whereas for women we aim for a softer appearance of these features with more of an oval shape to the face, with slightly less of a sharp angle to the jaw.

Augmenting the chin to create projection or length of the lower face can really improve the side profile and harmonise the overall proportions of the face where needed.

How Does It Work?

A mixture of needle and cannula work is used in this area to achieve a naturally aesthetic result. Dense dermal fillers are used which recreate bone and give a very long lasting result. The procedure is almost painless and most people describe the feeling as more of a pressure sensation rather than pain.


  • Correcting a receding chin -some people are born with a receding chin, and children often grow out of it as their bones grow. But other people develop a weak chin over time. A pronounced overbite may lead to a weak chin and a weak jawline. 
  • Correcting a cleft chin or “bum chin” – cleft chin refers to a chin with a Y-shaped dimple in the middle. It’s usually a genetic trait. Depending on your preference, you may consider cleft chins a sign of beauty or not. We can correct a cleft chin with non-surgical treatments.
  • Jawline definition- Defining the jawline can enhance the facial structure by creating a youthful looking jaw and gives the face a slim appearance
  • Jowls- dermal fillers can be used to reduce the appearance of jowls by augmenting the chin and jaw.
Jawline and chin enhancements are a good treatment for younger clients who want to improve the definition of their jawline and chin and correct any proportion and profile imbalances. However, it can also be extremely useful in older clients who have developed jowls and loose skin in the jawline area. Fillers can be used to reduce these areas of droopiness very effectively and create a more youthful looking appearance in the lower part of the face.


1 ml £250

2 ml £500

3 ml £700

4 ml £800