At Karwal Aesthetics, we offer bespoke packages to help you meet your aesthetic goals. Everyone’s face is different, and people require work in different areas to achieve facial harmony. Therefore, treatments can vary drastically from one client to the next and people require different amounts of dermal filler to achieve this. During consultation, we look at the face with a holistic view and create a personalised plan for your treatment.

How Does It Work?

    1. Profile balancing
      The side profile of the face is just as important as the front view. When looking at the profile, we want the tip of the nose, the lips and the chin to ideally be aligned and in harmony. By augmenting these 3 facial features, we can create a balanced side profile
    2. Feminisation/ Beautification
      This set of treatments focuses on enhancing feminine features of the face. Typically, narrow chin in the same width as the nose, high and wide cheekbones and gently defined jawbones. A slight curvature of the nose and enhancement of the lips also further feminises the face.
    3. Masculinisation
      Masculisation treatment focuses heavily on sharpening and defining key features of the face like the jaws and chin. To create a masculine appearance, we want a strong and dominant jaw and chin with an angular and chiseled appearance. Cheeks are also usually treated along with the jaw to give a sculpted appearance, however, this is augmented differently to the female cheek. Sometimes, the nose is also straightened to complete the look.
    4. Structural restoration
      As we age, we lose volume in some very typical areas of the face; the temples, the cheeks, the jaw. This leads to a drooping effect in some areas and hollowness in other areas. This causes us to look aged. The aim of structural restoration is exactly like the name implies. We are restoring volume where it has been lost due to aging. It can have a big impact on the face and allow it to look more youthful.


The following treatments are not included in packages pricing:
-Non-surgical rhinoplasty
-Tear tough rejuvenation
-Temple and forehead rejuvenation

Yes, anti-wrinkle, fillers and profhilo can all be performed in 1 session, however this is personal preference. You can also split up your treatment into 2 or 3 sessions.

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2 ml £500

3 ml £700

4 ml £800

5 ml £900

6 ml £1000

7 ml £1100

8 ml £1200

9 ml £1300

10 ml £1400

11 ml £1540

12 ml £1680

13 ml £1820

14 ml £1960

15 ml £2100

Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle Packages

AmountPrice + Anti-wrinkle 1 area (Save £100) + Anti-wrinkle 2/3 areas (Save £100)
1 ml £250 £350 £450
2 ml £500 £600 £700
3 ml £700 £800 £900
4 ml £800 £900 £1000
5 ml £900 £1000 £1100
6 ml £1000 £1100 £1200
7 ml £1100 £1200 £1300
8 ml £1200 £1300 £1400
9 ml £1300 £1400 £1500
10 ml £1400 £1500 £1600
11 ml £1540 £1650 £1740
12 ml £1680 £1780 £1880
13 ml £1820 £1920 £2020
14 ml £1960 £2060 £2160
15 ml £2100 £2200 £2200