A gummy smile occurs when the upper lip moves into a position too high when a person smiles, which results in a lot of the gum showing. It is normal to see some gum when smiling however excessive gum being shown when smiling can be bothersome for some individuals.

How Does It Work?

We treat gummy smile by relaxing the overactive upper lip muscle (LLSAN) by injecting a tiny bolus of botulium toxin into the muscle. As a result, it relaxes and in turn, significantly reduces the appearance of the gummy smile when smiling.


If you have a gummy smile it is often due to having an overactive upper lip muscle – ‘levator labii superioris alaeque nasi’ or LLSAN for short. Because it attaches to the lip and the cheekbone it is the muscle that contracts when we ask a patient to ‘snarl’. Other causes can be due to gingival hypertrophy (enlarged gum tissue), excessive growth of the upper jaw (maxillary excess), a short lip and even small teeth compared to the gums.

Many people feel that when they smile, a lot of their top lip can roll inwards and reduce the size of the lip significantly which can be bothersome for some. Gummy smile botox helps to reduce this effect and allows the lip to evert more during smiling which helps to maintain its size and volume during this expression.


Gummy smile £100

As an addition to upper face botox £50