The cheeks are an important structural feature of the face. As we age, we unfortunately lose fat pads in the cheeks to a large degree. This results in loss of structure in the mid-face. With gravity, this can also cause the face to droop downwards, contributing to the formation of nasolabial lines, marionette lines and jowls in the lower face. Therefore, it is highly important to address cheeks order to reverse the signs of ageing and to restore a more youthful appearance to the face.

How Does It Work?

There are several different techniques used to treat the cheeks depending on which area of the cheek needs to be volumised and shaped. We use a mixture of needle and cannula techniques to enhance the cheeks using dermal fillers depending on the required outcome. 

At the consultation, we will assess the cheek region as well as the whole face to tailor a specific treatment plan to suit each individual. We consider the ratio of the cheek in comparison to other major facial features of the face to ensure that the result will be harmonious.


  • Restoring lost volume in the cheek
  • Creating contour and definition
  • Creating lift and projection
We use a mixture of high density and low density fillers, usually from the Juvederm and Intraline range in order to create amazing projection and shape at different tissue planes of the cheek whilst maintaining the natural softness.


1 ml £250

2 ml £500

3 ml £700

4 ml £800