The temples are an often overlooked, but important element of facial rejuvenation. Many people are unaware that the temples are one of the first areas we lose volume during the ageing process. This leads to a hollow appearance in the temples, leading to an older, more gaunt and bottom heavy appearance. As the temples hollow, the brow can also drop and become less shaped.

How Does It Work?

In order to correct temple hollowing, we fill this area with a medium density dermal filler to add youthful volume and structure back to the upper face and help balance out facial proportions and profile imbalances. This is all done without the need for invasive surgery.


With temple rejuvenation, we use an instrument called a cannula to place the filler which is small blunt flexible tube. Therefore, it will not feel sharp and painful. The feeling is more of a pressure sensation. We also use topical anaesthetic to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.
People who have lost weight or who frequently do a lot of exercise may be more prone to hollow temples. Additionally, some people experience more rapid or significant volume loss than others. Volume loss in the temples can affect younger clients but is more common in those in their forties or fifties.


1 ml £300

2 ml £550